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Welcome to our monthly initiative, a testament to our unwavering dedication in celebrating and bolstering emerging visual artists, creatives, and talents in the realm of arts. At Prazzle Inc, we hold steadfast to the belief in the transformative power of artistry, recognizing its profound impact on society and culture. In doing so, we are committed to providing a nurturing environment for the budding talent within our community. We are here not only to applaud the efforts of emerging artists, but to actively support their journey towards success. As we proudly say, We are here to see creatives win!

How It Works:

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Every month, we meticulously curate and showcase exceptional creative endeavors that epitomize artistic brilliance and resonate with our steadfast dedication to championing the creative arts. These carefully selected projects or pieces, sourced from our pool of immensely talented community members, stand the chance to receive invaluable backing and acknowledgment, taking the form of heightened exposure across all our platforms and financial grants.

Criteria We Consider:

Our selection process focuses on the following key criteria:


We evaluate the overall quality of your creative project, including technical skill and artistic merit.


The presentation of your project, both visually and in your artist's statement, matters.

Talent and Skill

We recognize and appreciate the talent and skill demonstrated in your work.

Intent and Purpose

We seek to understand the message and purpose behind your project.

Visual Creatives

Our focus is on visual creatives and talents in the creative arts.


Your level of engagement and participation in our community is important to us.


To be eligible for consideration, creatives must meet the following criteria:

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Be a follower of Prazzle on social media (Instagram).


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Submit Projects

Share your creative projects with us through our dedicated submission process.

Prazzle magazine

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Think you have what it takes? Submit your work to get a chance to be featured in our weekly selects and all the great benefits that comes with this.

See Submission Guidelines

Categories of Content:

We welcome a wide range of creative content across the following categories:

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Visual Arts:

This category includes traditional and digital artwork, illustrations, paintings, sculptures, photography, and more.

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Film and Video:

Embrace the world of cinematic storytelling with short films, video art, and visual narratives.

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Performing Arts:

Showcase your talents in dance, theater, music, and other performing arts, presented through visual and video formats.

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For projects that defy categorization and combine elements from multiple arts forms.

Accepted Formats:

Our initiative accepts creative projects in the following formats:

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High-resolution images that capture the essence of your project.

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Engaging video presentations or performances that demonstrate your creative vision.

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Artist Statements:

Share your thoughts, inspirations, and the story behind your work through written artist statements.

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Performance Clips:

For performing artists, provide video clips that highlight your talents and creativity.

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If you're in the film industry, consider submitting trailers or excerpts from your work.

What's in it for you:

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Once selected, your creative project will be featured on all our platforms (Newsletter +8000, +70k Instagram, and website), giving it the recognition it deserves. Moreover, it will have the opportunity to receive support to further your artistic journey.

Stay Tuned:

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We announce our selected projects weekly and announce fund receivers at the end of each month. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, X, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, TikTok and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our monthly selections and other exciting updates from the world of creativity.

Thank you for being a part of our vibrant creative community. We look forward to celebrating creativity and talent like you!

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If you would like to explore running a grant in partnership with Prazzle Inc, please You can also choose to make a donation, proceeds will go into our monthly grants.

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How else can you help to see creatives win!

Stay Connected:

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Spread the Word:

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