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Prazzle is your canvas to exhibit your brilliance and showcase your talents and creative projects to a global audience for FREE. Join our creative community and start building your visual portfolio that you can share with the world!

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Explore a world of creativity with Prazzle Selects, where we showcase exceptional creative talents and their works. Got what it takes?

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Colors of Change: Empower Artists through Our Fundraiser Campaign

$ 5,000


$ 300

10 days Left

Brushstrokes of Generosity:
Elevate Artists' Dreams

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With just a cup of ice cream, you can help artists access crucial tools and opportunities, that will shape their future. Donate to support artists in the creative community, today!

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Setting up a new Art Studio for my new project

$ 10,000


$ 2000

5 days Left

Your support fuels inspiration,

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Help build a vibrant community where art thrives.

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What Prazzle Creatives are sayingportfolio image

This one of the platforms I have always looked up to for inspiration. Thank you Prazzle for supporting my work and spotlighting my career.

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Aminata Kamara

Editorial Hairstylist and BBC presenter
📍 London, United Kingdom

Prazzle is the ideal platform for promoting marginalised creatives. I worked with them on the first issue of their magazine in 2022, as well as the Brands We Love series in Paris, and I met other creatives who are now friends for life.

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Mariana Vassequi

📍Paris, France

Since I started my photography career, I have looked for communities where I can find inspiration and Prazzle is one of them. The way the curate creative works and support creatives is amazing!

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Photographer and creative director
📍 Los Angeles, California

I have been following Prazzle for years and I love the content. There is so much creativity that speaks to me and I’m glad to be be a part of this community.

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Bethany Brown

Actor and Multidisciplinary Creative
📍Vancouver, British Columbia


Magazine Issues

Prazzle Magazine is a semi annual publication that celebrates, inspires and connects emerging creatives across the globe through content tailored to art, photography, performance arts and Innovation & Design...

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